Advertising With Laser Rot


Laser Rot sponsorship banners are a great way to promote your website or products to the DVD and laserdisc community. Laser Rot is easily the most popular DVD- and LaserDisc- related website on the Internet. While we currently receive 10,000 visitors per month through our home page, we are receiving upwards of 20,000 visitors per month who have linked directly to our "Coming Distractions" pages, and the numbers are growing on a daily basis. Additionally, we are the only DVD and LaserDisc website that is fully sanctioned by the majority of studios and home video companies (for a full list of supporting companies, please see our home page.)

By sponsoring or advertising on Laser Rot, you can:

  • Cover the largest DVD and LaserDisc audience of any website.
  • Reach experienced DVD, LaserDisc, and home theatre enthusiasts, as well as the up-and-coming flood of new users.
  • Affect brand opinions and deliver brand messages quickly and concisely.
  • Match your sponsorship or advertising to Laser Rot's content.
  • Link banners to entire sales messages.
  • Fulfill your interactive marketing objectives.

As a central resource to DVD and LaserDisc information, Laser Rot provides sponsors and advertisers with the ability to reach a 100% target audience. This audience includes the heavy, core enthusiasts who come to explore the latest developments available on Laser Rot and its supported community. In addition, Laser Rot introduces many "newbies" to the world of DVD and LaserDisc entertainment each and every day.

Although some consider the Internet to be uncharted territory, with unknown values and uncertain benefits, Laser Rot provides DVD, LaserDisc and home theatre advertisers with the solutions they need for full market coverage and provides a means of reaching consumers who are connected on the Internet now. There is no better place to reach your target Internet market.

All banner sponsorships and advertising programs include a banner linked directly to the advertiser's website. All programs are offered on a four-week basis, and positions are determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Laser Rot also offers the opportunity to secure additional exclusive online pages, allowing you a greater freedom in advertising.

If you are interested in sponsoring or advertising on Laser Rot, please contact us at and we will be happy to provide you with detailed information on the various advertising packages we offer.

Originally Created: 05/11/97
Last Updated: 08/18/97