Laser Rot's General Help and Browser Calibration

or: How To Make Sure Our Pages Look Great On Your Computer!


The first thing you should do is change the width of your browser window so that it matches the width of the Laser Rot header at the top of the page. Set your browser window to an 800x600 screen size - this is the preferred width used throughout our WWW site. If you are using a screen size smaller than 800x600, some tables will not line up properly (i.e., dates will not line up correctly in the LD & DVD "Coming Attractions" sections). Many people who are running their OS under higher resolutions such as 1024x768 tend to maximize their browser windows believing they will see more. This is a misconception since all font sizes and graphics stay at the same size. In fact, on some websites that are not set up properly, legibility will suffer because the text lines are getting too long and cause a strain on the eyes (not a problem on our site). Increasing the font size is not an acceptable remedy, since the entire web page loses its intended proportions and look.



Each Laser Rot page features an individual header that is "highlighted" to inform you about the section you are visiting. Clicking on "Home" will bring you back to the Laser Rot homepage. Clicking on any of the other section names will automatically take you to that section. This allows you to easily navigate through our website without having to return to the homepage each time you wish to change sections.



At the bottom of each page you will find a footer that provides you with the same navigational features as the header: By clicking on "Home," you will be brought back to the Laser Rot homepage. Again, by clicking on any of the other section names, you will automatically be taken to that specific section.



If this is your first visit to Laser Rot, please write to us and give us your impressions of our website. Your critisicm is welcome as is any praise, suggestions or questions you might have. Aside from providing you with the best online information we can regarding LaserDisc and DVD products, we also believe that customer service is a number one priority, and we pride ourselves on answering all email inquiries (depending on the amount of mail we receive, please allow some time for a reply). Finally, if you should find any errors on any of our pages, please inform us about this error as soon as possible so we may correct it.


Black Level Adjustment Most computer monitors have a misadjusted black level (brightness) setting, since they are usually set up by individual users to fit their own specific tastes. In order to ensure that our website looks correct on your computer monitor, please go to our black level adjustment page to see if your screen brightness is properly adjusted. If it is not, our web pages will appear way too dark or too bright on your screen, and you will lose fine details and compromise the color reproduction. Since the folks behind the scenes here are Laser Rot are perfectionists, we really want you to enjoy our website at its fullest potential. Not only will our web pages benefit from a perfectly calibrated black level, but so will your entire operating system enviIronment. This black level setting is one of the most important adjustments to your monitor - if you can take the time to set up your LaserDisc or DVD system monitor properly (such as with A Video Standard or the Video Essentials discs), take the time to set up your computer monitor as well!
Color Test The Laser Rot website is best viewed on high-color or true-color screens (i.e. more than 256 colors). If you are only using an 8-bit screen (256 colors), we cannot guarantee that you will be able to enjoy the true color look of this site, since some graphics & images may look strange on your end due to the color reduction. Over on the left side you will see an color range example containing four different color ranges (a blue range, rainbow range, blue-to-light-red range and a brighter blue range). Those of you using high-color or true-color screens will see that all these linear ranges are smoothly defined. If you are using a 256 color screen, the ranges will not look correct. Instead you may notice "color jumps," gaps, dithered (grainy) and/or merged color patches, and who knows what else. In this case, you should change your color resolution or maybe buy a better graphics card.
LASER ROT The Laser Rot website also uses NHTML tags, so please make sure you are using a web browser that can handle these (all modern browsers do). Over on the left side you can see an example which tests if your browser is NHTML compatible: All the letters should be displayed in different sizes. If they all have the same size, your browser is not capable of displaying modern WWW pages correctly. In this case, we suggest using a more qualified web browser. For the fabulous Amiga system, we highly recommend the equally-fabulous, feature-loaded web browser IBrowse. For those of you using Mac or PC systems, Internet Explorer or Netscape should do the trick.

Originally Created: 04/28/97
Last Updated: 09/08/97