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  • 55 Days at Peking (lb)
  • Abraxas (lb?)
  • Bicycle Thief, The (1948)
  • Brain From Planet Arous
  • Cabiria (silent)
  • Circus World (lb)
  • College (silent)
  • Dark Crystal, The (lb + extras!)
  • Dark Star (lb, original uncut version, not Dan O'Bannon's horrible edited "director's cut")
  • Demon City Shinjuku
  • Dominion: Tank Police
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde (silent, 1920)
  • Fall of the Roman Empire, The (lb)
  • Fog, The (lb + extras)
  • Gall Force (anime series)
  • Mister Frost (lb)
  • Name of the Rose (lb)
  • Nightsiege: Project Shadowchaser 2 (lb?)
  • Nomads (lb)
  • Prayer of the Rollerboys (lb?)
  • Prisoner, The (series, either multi-episode or box set)
  • Project: Shadowchaser (lb?)
  • Project: Shadowchaser 3000 (lb?)
  • Slipstream (lb, preferably the longer European cut)
  • Space: 1999 (series, either multi-episode or box set)
  • Suspiria (lb, uncut)
  • World Gone Wild (lb?)
  • Xtro (lb?)
  • Xtro 2 (lb?)
  • Xtro: Watch the Skies (lb?)

Originally Created: 05/04/97

Last Updated: 09/13/97